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               Microdermabrasion with Pure Oxygen

High Pressure Oxygen Injection 
Crystal Pelling with Oxygen 
Diamond Microdermabrasion 
Nutritional Cosmetics Sprayer 
Pure Oxygen Breath

Introduced from the oxygen system from MC Company in Switzerland, this machine can concentrate the oxygen with 98% purity from the air and insufflate it into deep skin tissue with 2 Bar Pressure. It stimulates the cell metabolism effectively, makes cells absorb the oxygen thoroughly and improves growth of new cells, thus the skin looks younger, healthier, more smoothly and shiny. 
1. Clean and lighten skin, make the skin turn whiten
2. Balance the moisture for the greasy and dry skin
3. Provide enough oxygen to the skin, make it activating. Improve the dim situation of skin and make it more shiny
4. Improve metabolism and easily de-toxin
5. Prevent the skin from acnes and balance the exudation of greasy
6. Remove dead skin layers and helps aged spot and sunburn
7. Improve the activity of cells 

8. Decrease the harm of brushing and other treatment and develop the absorbing effect of the nutrition

Microdermabrasion Is a non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive method of skin resurfacing. causes the dead skin layers to be removed along with the skin's impurities. The skin is exfoliated, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin.
Over time, this repeated process stimulates the production of a new layer of skin cells, level of collagen and elastin, improving the skin's appearance.
Microdermabrasion buffs the skin of fine lines and discoloration while refining the texture and hue. 



The warmth generated during this phase of the process is use to prepare the skin for treatment whilst also improving blood circulation and accelerating the absorption process of vital nutrients contained within the Aesthetic Mesotherapy products used during the treatment procedure.


Diamond Tip Abrasion

A non-invasive method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical exfoliation without the use of crystals, chemicals or laser. The Cryoderm system ensures the safe and controlled removal of the surface skin as it is much less aggressive than crystal based treatments. By gently working away tired aged surface skin layers you are enabling new skin cell regeneration which can dramatically improve surface skin texture and apperance, leaving skin looking rejuvenated and radiant whilst, at the same time, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation happens gradually and the diamond tip heads are available in 3 different grades making the treatment accessible to all skin types regardless of sensitivity levels.


Uses ultra sonic vibrations at 300 million times per second. The ultra sound waveform stimulates the skin tissue and improves the permeability of the cell membrane which also improves and increases collagen production. This treatment also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ultra sound also generates frictional heat that will improve blood circulation, relax muscles and breaks down the fatty deposits to reduce cellulite. Ultra sound is a very effective treatment when using various active ingredients as it will help the infusion of the product deep into the dermal layers of the skin much deeper than most galvanic systems.


This cold attachment is applied onto the skin surface closing pores and sealing the products within the areas treated. More importantly cryotherapy treatment slows down the metabolism of the skin allowing the product to be contained for a much longer period of time ensuring that you receive the full benefits of the products and maximum results.